Yoga Tantra

Preface – by Jeffrey I lopkins

This book on Yoga Tantra is the third in a series presenting The Stages of the Path to a Conqueror and Pervasive Master, a Great Vajradhara: Revealing All Secret Topics’ by the late-fourteenth- and early-fifteenth-century scholar and yogi Dzongka-ba Lo-sang-drak-ba” of Tibet. By way of introducing the present book, let us
briefly consider Dzong-ka-ba’s procedure in the first two volumes.

Dzong-ka-ba’s text begins the Great Exposition of Secret Mantra,’ as it is also called, with an examination of the difference between the Buddhist vehicles. That section-presented in the first book in this series, Tantra in Tibet’mainly analyzes a variety of earlier delineations of the difference between the Sutra Great Vehicle
and the Mantra Great Vehicle. Although he does not mention Bu-don Rin-thendrupd (1290-1364) by name, it is apparent that his prime source is Bu-don’s encyclopedic presentation of the difference between Sutra and Mantra in his Extensive General Presentation of the Tantra Sets, Key Opening the Door to the Precious Treasury of Tantra Sets.` Budon lists presentations by several Indian scholars who delineate various numbers of ways the Mantra Great Vehicle surpasses the Sutra Great Vehicle, or Perfection Vehicle as it is commonly called:
• Tripitakamala and commentator Vajrapani-four differences
• Jnanashri-eleven differences
• Ratnakarashanti-three differences
• Nagarjuna-six differences’
• Indrabhuti-seven differences
• Jnanapada-three differences
• Dombhiheruka-five differences
Vajraghantapada-four differences
• Samayavajra-five differences.

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