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I am glad to have the opportunity to add my testimony to this book about Sherpas and Snowmen, because I believe in them both, though in different ways. In four expeditions and many wanderings through the Himalayas over a period of more than twenty years, I have had Sherpas as my companions. I have seen them enduring even grinning under dire duress in a blizzard, on steep and hazardous ground, gasping for breath at high alti
tude. I have also seen them relaxed in the bosom oftheir families, and lit up by the spirit ofcelebration. My feeling about the Sherpa folk is best expressed by saying that there is no one whom I would sooner have with me in a
tough spot, there is no one with whomI have felt more at home than those fine companions of mine
Tensing : Angtharkay : Pasang Dawa Lama : Pasang Kikuli : DawaThondup : Palden : Da Tenzing : Da Namgyal : Ang Nyima and many others. They are the salt ofthe earth.
And I believe in the Yeti. I have seen his tracks, heard hisyelping call, listened to first-hand experiences of reputable localpeople, similar to those which you will read about in this book.
Indeed, why should he not exist? I said as much to Ralph Izzard of theDaily Mail, when I was travelling by air towards Kathmandu and Everest in 1953. I further said that I
thought it high time that a scientific expedition took the field with the specific mission
of throwing more light on the subject. It is possible that this chance remark may have had something to do with the setting up of the expedition of which Mr. Stonor was a member. That they did not sight a Yeti is scarcely surprising. That evidence will be produced sooner or later, sufficient to convince the doubters,
is beyond doubt.
John Hunt Camberley – 19th February 1955


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