Seeing me

Seeing me, all the buddhas are seen,
Accomplishing my practice, the practice of all the buddhas is accomplished,
For I am the embodiment of all the sugatas (fully enlightened beings).
[The Secret Guide to Accomplishing the Guru]

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  • aladinspace says:

    Du Sum Sangye Guru Rimpoche /
    Ngön Drup Kun-Da De-Wua Tchen-Pö Chab /
    Bar-Tche Kun-Sel Du-Dul Trak-Po Tsel /
    Söl-Wua Deb-So Djin-Gi Lab-Tu Söl /
    Tchi-Nang Sang-Wue Shi-Wua Tan /
    Sam-Pa Lun-Gi Drub-Par Djin-Gui Lob /

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