Rigdzin Prayer Booklet

Dear Dharma friends,
It is said that to generate the experiences and insights of Buddha within
oneself can be done through the extraordinary quality of purification of
obscurations .
In order to go through this one needs to follow the visualization of
Vajrasattva. In doing so, may all your obscurations of this life be purified.
May you be born in the Buddha field of great bliss in the western
I pray in this way for you always. May all who sees, hears, and practices
these prayers generate the experiences and Insights of Buddha.
The 5th Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche

Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche gave immense service to the Buddha’s
precious doctrine of scripture and realization in both teaching
and practice, and he clarified the teachings of the Ancient Translation
school as his enlightened aspirations and prayers from the past came to
maturation. In his noble activity, he greatly benefited the teachings and
beings by turning the wheel of Dharma extensively and in a non-sectarian
way, affecting many thousands of devoted followers in a number
of countries around the world through his wonderful aspirations and
enlightened deeds, but especially at the Larung Institute for Higher Buddhist
Studies, which he founded in Serta, East Tibet.

At this unfortunate time, when he has displayed the appearance of
directing his wisdom mind into the dharmadhatu as a result of some
external and internal adversities, it is extremely important for his griefstricken
disciples to pray one-pointedly to their great teacher and to
make an offering of their practice by diligently applying themselves continuously
and without hypocrisy, as well as by keeping in their hearts
his essential instructions that distil the essence of sutra and mantra, and
not forgetting them.
So that the enlightened intentions of this great being may be fulfilled
completely and to help dispel the anguish of his disciples,, I recently
made this prayer. May all these aspirations be fulfilled!
This was written by the Buddhist monk, Tenzin Gyatso on the fifteenth
day of the first month of the Wood Monkey year (6 March 2004) during
the seventeenth calendrical cycle. May virtue abound


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