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XIII. 1. A Young Girl Jests with a Young Monk1
[30.1] 167. One should not follow a life of evil, one should not dwell together
with heedlessness,
One should not follow false views, one should not look with high
regard upon the world.
This religious instruction was given by the Teacher while he was in residence
at Jetavana with reference to a certain young monk. {3.161}
The story goes that one day, early in the morning, a certain Elder went with a
young monk to the house of Visākhā. Now in the house of Visākhā there was
continual distribution of cakes and rice-gruel. The Elder, having drunk ricegruel
there, provided a seat for the young monk, and himself went on to
another house. Now at that time the daughter of Visākhā’s son was acting for
her grandmother in ministering to the needs of the monks. As she was straining
water for the young monk, seeing the reflection of her own face in the watervessel,
she laughed; the young monk looked at it and also laughed.


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