The Buddha in the palm of your hand – Ju M. Namgyel

The instructions on the essential nature of the mind :


The Buddha in the palm of the hand ( Ju Mipham Namgyel )


I. I bow to Padmasambhava

and the glorious Lama emanation of Manjushri wisdom of all the Buddhas

and the Bodhisattva.

For those who want to learn the meditation of recognition

of the ultimate reality of the mind, I will explain shortly the initial path

the essential instructions .

First of all you need to follow the teachings of a Lama

has the experience of accomplishment.

If you do not experience penetrates the instructions of the Lama, any

effort and perseverance in meditation will be like throwing an arrow in the dark.



For this reason abandons all your points of view and contrived incorrect

towards meditation.

The key point is to let your awareness in their status

natural , authentic , and the face of the naked wisdom separated from the shell of the

mind (that is what identifies ) .

Realizing this wisdom , we reach the point.

The expression ” be the outset ” refers to the natural state , not modified.

Having developed the inner certainty that all appearances are

the essence of Dharmakaya , do not abandon this knowledge.

Get involved with intellectual explanations ( with respect to the path ) is

like chasing a rainbow.

When is the meditative experience as a result of awareness

the great unmodified state , this is not due to an external focus ,

but to maintain the nonattività .

Wonderful, as you reach this knowledge !


II. In the fortunate moment when you will reach the intermediate stage ,


without wavering continues with the presence of the original condition

the “nature of the mind .”

Being in this state is sufficient.

E ‘is this the mind is not changed.

If you are hampered by the rise of the clouds that create mental analysis

a distinction between subject and object of meditation, at that time

remember the nature of the mind that the origin has never been changed:

“the mind itself ” , as vast as the sky .

Unwinding and relaxing , tension free and stop holding on to these concepts.

The original knowledge is not made of thoughts that flow in all directions.

It ‘ a clear and radiant emptiness separate from all mental concepts .

This state can not be described with examples, symbols or words.

The basic awareness is perceived directly through

of discriminating awareness .

The empty state of total awareness and equanimity has never moved,

does not move now, and will never move .

But its status is overshadowed by the sudden spots of the concepts , and various distractions illusory.

How sad !

What can you get chasing a mirage ?

What is run after changing these dreams ?

What benefit can be to try to grab the space ?

With the various concepts that you can do nothing to change the subject of distraction.

Leave these tiresome and useless activities and relax in the primordial sphere .

The real sky is the recognition that Samsara and Nirvana are just a manifestation illusory.

Nonstante the wide variety of information, as if all Regards the

had only one flavor.

Becoming familiar with meditation you can instantly call

awareness space-like , a naked awareness , natural and

vivid , free from concepts .

The natural mind is beyond to know and ignore, of happiness and sadness .

From this state of total relaxation is bliss.

At this point, that you are walking or sitting , while eating or sleeping ,

has continuously been familiar with this : everything becomes the path.

Thus the significance of the presence awareness is a similar to the space ,

and also in the periods after the meditation sessions you will be less influenced by the concepts .


III . In the lucky moment of the final stage ,


with regard to the four phases ( relative to walk, sit , eat

and sleep ) , is a transformation of karmic prana and trends

regulars from which arise all the concepts .

It has the ability to stay in the city of innate wisdom and

unchangeable. What is said Samsara is only a concept .

The great wisdom transcends all concepts .

At this time whatever arises is manifested completely perfect .

The state of great clear light is constant – day and night.

And ‘ beyond the boundary between presence and distraction , can not deviate

from his state due to awareness of the original condition pervasive.

At this time you do not get something for half the effort .

All the qualities of the base and the street without exception : clairvoyance ,

compassion , etc. . , occur automatically, and develop

how to grow grass in the summer.

Free apprehension and presumption , beyond hope and fear , it is the

bliss never been born , that knows no end , immense as the sky.

This yoga is great as the gay Garuda in the sky dell’equanime Great Perfection .


After based on the essential instructions of a teacher , the method for

manifest this fundamental wisdom is to complete the two

accumulations (of merit and wisdom ) vast as the ocean .

And then, without difficulty , the implementation will in his own hand .


Thanks to the power of this explanation may all beings come to

see the young Manjusri, who is the compassionate activity of

own awareness the supreme master , and the essence of the diamond

( the Dzogpa Chenpo the clear light).

In this way we can all achieve the perfect lighting

this very life .


From: and essential instructions on the nature of the mind : The Buddha in the palm of the hand ( Ju Mipham Namgyel )

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