The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation


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Includes: The Epitome Of The Great Guru’s Biography or “Padma’s Precepts” and The Last Teachings Of Phadampa Sangay

These teachings called “The Knowing of the Mind in Its Self-Identifying, Self-Realizing, Self-Liberating Reality” were formulated by Padma-Sambhava, the spiritually endowed Teacher from Urgyan.

May they not wane until the whole Sangsara is emptied. All Hail! This is the Knowing of the Mind, the Seeing of Reality, Self-Liberation.

For the sake of future generations who shall be born during the Age of Darkness, these essential aphorisms, necessarily brief and concise, herein set forth, were written down in accordance with Tantric teachings.

Although taught during the present Epoch, the text of them was hidden away amidst a cache of precious things. May this book be read by those blessed devotees of the future.

[Vast, vast, vast, is Divine Wisdom]


Part I – The Introductory Preliminaries
Here follows the Yoga, Of Knowing The Mind, The Seeing Of Reality, called Self
Liberation, from “The Profound Doctrine Of Self-liberation By Meditation Upon
The Peaceful And Wrathful Deities.”
The Obeisance
To the Divine Ones, the Tri-Kaya,Who are the embodiment of the All-Enlightened
Mind Itself, obeisance.
The Forward
This book relates to “The Profound Doctrine of Self-Liberation by Meditating
upon the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities.” It expounds the Yoga of Knowing the
Mind, the Seeing of Reality, the Self-Liberation. By this method, one’s mind is
The Guru’s First Charge To The Disciples
Blessed disciples, ponder these teachings deeply. Samaya; gya, gya, gya. E-ma-ho!
Salutation To The One Mind
All hail to the One Mind that embraces the whole Sangsara and Nirvana, that
eternally is as it is, yet is unknown, and although ever clear and ever existing, is not
visible, that, although radiant and unobscured, is not recognized

The Introductory Preliminaries
The Teachings Supplement Those Of The Buddha
The teachings are for the purpose of enabling one to know this Mind. All that has
been taught hitherto by the Buddhas of the Three Times, in virtue of Their having
known this Mind, as recorded in “The Door of the Dharma,” consisting of the
Eight-Four Thousand Shlokas, and elsewhere, remains incomprehensible.
The Conquerors have not elsewhere disclosed anything concerning the One Mind.
All though as vast as the illimitable sky, the Sacred Scriptures contain but a few
words relating to knowledge of the mind. This, the true explanation of the eternal
teachings of the Conquerors, constitutes the correct method of their practical
The Guru’s Second Charge To The Disciples
Kye! Kye! Ho! Blessed disciples, harken.
The Result Of Not Knowing The One Mind
Knowledge of that which is vulgarly called the mind is widespread. Inasmuch as
the One Mind is unknown, thought of erroneously, or known one-sidedly without
being thoroughly known as it is, desire for the teachings will be immeasurable. They
will also be sought after by ordinary individuals, who not knowing the One Mind,
do not know themselves.
They wander hither and thither among the Three Regions, and thus among the Six
Classes of Beings, suffering sorrow. Such is the result of their error of not having
attained understanding of their mind. Because their suffering is in every way
overpowering, even self control is lacking to them. Thus, although one may wish to
know the mind as it is, one fails.


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