Precious Guru- Journey into the Wild Heart of the Second Buddha

Precious Guru- Journey into the Wild Heart of the Second Buddha (Indiegogo) from Triptych Journey on Vimeo.

This promotion for the Precious Guru Documentary is part of Triptych Journey’s 2015 Indiegogo Campaign. Video footage was shot by cinematographer, Ronen Schechner, during Triptych Journey’s 2013 journey across Asia in search of Guru Rinpoche. Photographs were taken by photographer Jon Schechner. Sound recordings were recorded by sound-artist Sarah Brutzman. The film was edited by Paul Gittelsohn of VideoSyncracies, and Triptych Journey Director, Marc Wennberg, and includes narration by Precious Guru consultant, Mary Finnigan. Please help us finish this film with a tax-deductible contribution to our project: You can also follow our campaign on our Facebook Page:
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This is the story of the great yogi who brought Buddhism to Tibet.

The legend begins with his birth on a lotus blossom, in the middle of a lake, aged 8– happy, smiling, and naked to the world. In time, he was adopted by a king, became a Tantric adept and was invited to Tibet. He fought and overcame demons, made love to numerous princesses, left spiritual gifts for future generations (including our own), and then flew away on a windhorse. And that’s just the opening.

His name is Padmasambhava, or “Lotus Born.” He also is known as Guru Rinpoche, “Precious Teacher,” and he gave birth to the great practice traditions and lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

Although he first appeared in the 8th Century, his story continues to evolve, revealing new chapters, profound spiritual teachings, and unbroken presence. For Himalayan Buddhists, he is the Second Buddha, but for most people he is unseen, and unheard. Until now….

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