Patrul Rinpoche – Words Of My Perfect Teacher – ebook

The Words of My Perfect Teacher,

a Guide to the Preliminaries for the
Heart-essence ofthe Vast Expanse from the Great Perfection, sets out the
paths of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism without any conflict
between them.
It contains all the teachings, including the Steps of the Path for those
of the three levels of understanding, along with the Three Main Themes
of the Path; the Three Perceptions, preliminaries for the Path and Fruit;
the Buddha Nature as the cause, precious human life as the support, the
spiritual friend as the impetus, his instructions as the method, and the
kayas and wisdoms as the result, these representing the confluence of the
Kadampa and Mahamudra traditions; and the Nyingma path in terms of
determination to be free through disgust for sarnsara, faith through
confidence in the effect of actions, bodhicitta through striving to help
others, and pure perception of the utter purity of everything there is.
For all teachings on all practices, whether preliminaries or main, this
text is indispensable. That is why, at this fortunate time in which the
Buddha’s precious doctrine is beginning to shine its light throughout the
world, this book has been translated in the profound hope that-being
of enormous worth and little danger, and covering as it does all the
essential points of the path-all contact with it may be fruitful, and that
it may become the object of study, reflection and meditation. That
followers of the Dharma teach or listen to this text is of great importance .

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