So why not practice now?

Without thinking that death will come,
I am absorbed in plans for the future.
After having done the many and futile activities of this life
I will leave utterly empty-handed
What a blunder;
as I will certainly need an understanding of the excellent Dharma (proper conduct).
So why not practice now?


  • I am the true devotion of guru rinpoche…and every morning as soon as i weak up from my sleep i remember guru rinpoche and mediate for 5 mins and night before i go to sleep i do the same thing …and in a day i remember guru rinpoche 7-8 times and pray for sention beings ….i am truely followers of guru….lama kheno lama kheno drenchen tsewai lama kheno..

  • (Zokpa chenpo luongchen Nygen thek ngyendro) Lama khen, lama khen, lama kheno( 3 times…) neng uhue day payee gasar zhay pa nii, chap chie drenchen lama yar la zheng, lay dang nayemo dragpai zerwa yee…kelwa ngyenpa dakh la chum pye cher…che youre dechen khoroye gyen du zhu..dren dang zhay zhen ken chang zhang sui sel…

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