Lord of all siddhis

Guru Rinpoche, Buddha of the three times,
Lord of all siddhis who is the one of great bliss,
Dispeller of all obstacles, wrathful tamer of Mara (demon),
We supplicate you; please grant your blessings.
Grant your blessings that outer, inner
and secret obstacles be pacified
And that our intentions be spontaneously accomplished.


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  • Makina Toyoshima says:

    Glory to make a comment on your website. I was born in the place called, the mountain of the buddhist gods and goddesses. And in my neighborhood, the family of Kukai, the founder of Shingon suit live. My birthday is February 6, the next day of the ascension day of the mother of Kukai, Tamayori- gozen- daibosatsu.
    I like visiting temples and chanting mantras.

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