Guru Rinpoche prophecy

Guru rinpoche prophecy


  • William Bagley says:

    I am trying to track down the source reference for this prophecy, about iron birds flying across the sky and Tibet being invaded and the dharma going to the land of the red people. I have looked at a lot of sites, but none of them have the source of the quote. If anyone who reads this knows, please post it or let me know.

    • Daan says:

      Hi William, I think you should better ask a reliable Nyingma or Kagyu-teacher for the source. Many of these prophecies are terma. There are several cycles/ different volumes of terma, discovered on different moments in history. You could ask for example Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche (or senior members of his organization), people from Penor Rinpoche Yangsi’s organization, one of the lamas from Chanteloube (Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche), Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche or yet another Nyingma or Kagyu-teacher or disciple. I think even if you just mail them, they will be glad to help you on your way. Actually, these are teachings you should receive yourself, from a good source. Good luck ! If you do not get anywhere, you can mail me (I am Sakyapa, by the way).


  • bodhi norbu says:

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    Sunday, March 25, 2012
    Leong at 8:18 AM
    Shocking Prophecies made by
    Padmasambhava more than a
    thousand years ago
    Many people are familiar with the prophecies of
    Nostradamus made more than seven hundred years
    ago, but few people are aware of the prophecies made
    by Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche),
    the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, more than one
    thousand years ago.
    When asked by his disciple when is the beginning of
    Dharma-ending age, Guru Rinpoche replied; “When the
    Iron Birds(1) are flying in the sky and the Iron Horses
    (1) are running on the roads, we know that dharma-
    ending age has arrived. At this time, Tibetan Buddhism
    shall flourish globally. When the iron bird flies and the
    horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be
    scattered like ants across the world, and the Dharma
    will come to the land of the red men (Western
    In this Dharma-ending age, “Rulers do not act like
    Rulers, Subjects do not act like Subjects, Fathers do
    no act like Fathers, Sons do not act like Sons” (2), the
    relationships between Fathers and Sons are more like
    Playmates. Women do not honor and uphold chastity;
    men indulge in lust and unrestrained sexual
    1) Iron Birds and Iron Horses are known now as
    Airplanes, Cars and Trains.
    2) This reminds me of Confucius’ Analects: “…ruler be a
    ruler, the subject a subject, the father a father, the son a
    son”, with regards to maintaining a world of order. What
    this means is that ruler shall uphold the duty as a ruler
    by serving the interests of the citizens. The citizens shall
    behave like citizens, by being law-abiding, respect the
    authorities and maintain law and order. Parents should
    act as parents by being providers, teachers and
    guardians to their children. Children shall be obedient
    and respect their parents.
    Guru Rinpoche further prophesied that in that era (or
    rather now), carriages do not require horses to move,
    they self-propel (3). Youngsters in that era step on
    something that shaped like a bullhorn and there are
    wheels underneath that allow them to skate
    everywhere (4). It is even stranger that people in that
    era do not need to leave their houses to know things
    that happen around the world, just by sitting in front of
    a mirror (5).
    3, 4, 5) Car, Skateboard, Roller Blades, TV and LCD
    panels, i.e. computer with internet connections.
    Guru Rinpoche further said that in that era, many
    ordained monks are greedy and pursue wealth and
    fame. They travel everywhere to cheat on their
    followers. They plan and think of ways to get offerings
    and donations from followers and possess their own
    private wealth and properties, yet they do not engage
    in any Buddhist practices or chanting on their own.
    They indulge in music, dance and entertainments. They
    break precepts and vows without any remorse (6).
    6) This is happening now. Bogus monks are everywhere
    especially in the Eastern countries. This prophecy
    coincides with Buddha’s prediction that “There is no
    disappearing of the true Dhamma until a counterfeit
    Dhamma arises in the world. Once a counterfeit Dhamma
    arises then there is a disappearing of the true Dhamma.”
    When i read that The Buddha told his disciples the most
    important sutra of all, the Surangama Sutra, should be
    the first to be destroyed, i asked myself how could any
    teaching be destroyed at this digital age? I could print a
    thousands copies and bury them underground and
    someday someone would dig it up and revives the
    teachings again. Or i could upload copies of the sutra to
    all the available servers on the internet. How could it
    possibly be destroyed?
    Then one day, while doing research and reading news
    regarding some Buddhist sect in Taiwan proclaiming that
    the Surangama Sutra is fake and that Buddha never
    taught that, do i realize what Buddha meant by
    “Destroy”. This realization was brought to me by a
    renowned Buddhist master over a seminar that Sutras do
    not get destroyed physically, they are destroyed by being
    “discredited”. In other words, by saying that Surangama
    Sutra is fake and that Buddha never taught that, nobody
    will ever read or bothered with that Sutra again and that
    is how it is “destroyed”. This will eventually happen to
    the entire Buddhism as the predicted by The Buddha, as
    the Dharma ends when nobody has faith or believe in it
    I would also like to note that the credibility of Buddhism
    is in the hands of those who represent it, those who
    spread and teach in the name of Buddhism especially
    those in “high authority” and/or with many followers.
    That puts Buddhism at stake because its credibility is
    tied to these people. So The Buddha said, in the
    Dharma-ending age “follow only the Buddha-Dharma, and
    not the person who teaches it. In other words, The
    Buddha warned us against “Idolism”. It is The Buddha’s
    teaching and your own practices that liberate you, not
    any mundane person, not even any self-proclaimed or
    public-acknowledged certified born-again “Buddha”.
    The original teachings of The Enlightened Ones could
    also be corrupted or altered by self-profiteering persons
    or by intellectuals. This was also the reason Guru
    Rinpoche concealed countless Terma teachings to
    prevent the destruction of the secret mantrayana. And
    for each of these terma treasure, the time, the identity of
    its revealer, the person who would receive and hold the
    teachings were also predicted.
    With regards to mundane lives, Guru Rinpoche
    commented that in that era, husband and wife
    relationship shall be ruined and damaged by so-called
    “double-tongues” women, who instigate, provoke and
    create disharmony within families(7). Unfilial sons and
    daughters will chase their parents out from home.
    Brothers and sisters shall fight among themselves for
    inheritance, and violate the five precepts without
    remorse. Buddha’s teaching gradually faded and
    eventually lost. There shall be incest among the
    closest kin. Many people shall be addicted to
    gambling, drugs and alcohol. Buddhas’ statues and
    paintings, Buddhist ritual instruments are sold in flea
    markets on the streets (8). Vintage valuables passed
    down from generations to generations shall be sold
    and auctioned in international markets. Deforestation
    and over exploitation of nature causes ecological
    imbalances thereby resulting in frequent natural
    disasters. Thieves and robberies shall infest the entire
    city and paupers and beggars are seen everywhere.
    Note: Can anyone tell me what is not happening now?
    7) The word “double-tongues” mentioned is what is
    known to us now as “double-headed”. He specified
    women that include friends, relatives and kin. This
    means gossipy friends and kins deliberately giving bad
    advises and information to create disharmony between
    husbands and wives and eventually breaking up families.
    8) It was mentioned that the karma for such
    phenomenon is the widespread of infectious diseases.
    In the year of metal dragon (9), demons entered the
    water (10). In the year of Metal Snake(11), demons
    entered the wind and thunder frost hail, wreaking
    havoc and creating disasters for many (12). In the
    year of Water Goat (13), here shall be widespread of
    infectious diseases (14).
    9) Year 2000 is the year of Metal Dragon based on the
    Tibetan Calendar.
    10) On August 12, 2000, the Russian Oscar II class
    submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea and exploded.
    11) Year 2001 is the year of Metal Snake based on the
    Tibetan Calendar.
    12) i) Tropical Storm Allison that devastated southeast
    Texas happened in June
    ii) The 2001 Gujarat earthquake occurred in India, killing
    20,000 people and causing injuries to 166,000 others.
    13) Year 2003 is the year of Water Goat based on the
    Tibetan Calendar.
    14) The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome
    (SARS) happened in 2003.
    These incidents might not “appear” to be catastrophic or
    on global scale. Similar to Chinese Calendar, the Tibetan
    Calender Year has a 60 years cycle. For instance, in year
    2000 it was year of Metal Dragon and in the year of 2060
    it should be another year of Metal Dragon. Should He
    could be referred to any year with that specific Element-
    Alcoholics shall die of cerebrovascular diseases;
    gamblers shall die of stomach disorder; slander shall
    die of throat-related diseases; heavy smokers shall die
    of lungs diseases; over consumption of eggs, garlic
    and onion causes frequent nightmares resulting in
    mental disturbances and eventually related death;
    hunters and slaughter of animals shall die of liver and
    intestines related diseases, sinners and those with
    heavy bad karma shall die of many types of diseases
    that are painful and sufferings.
    The year of Wood Rooster is when the strength of
    Buddhism is the weakest. Evil spirits and demons shall
    take opportunity at this time to wrench more havocs
    and creating more damages.
    In the year of Earth Ox15, there shall be wars among
    countries and many people shall perish.
    15) 2009 is the Year of Earth Ox based on the Tibetan
    Calendar. However it might not necessary be this year. It
    could be another cycle of Earth Ox which is 60 years
    from now. But for sure in 2009 we have encountered
    frequent natural disasters of different scale.
    The origin of this translated text is in Chinese. Any
    mistake in the translation is solely my responsibility. I
    am not sure if there is other more complete translation
    out there in English, if there is, please inform me. Anyone
    is free to use the content of this translation, responsibly.
    Homage to Guru Rinpoche, if not because of Him i
    weren’t be alive today doing this translation.
    Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

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