Eight Verses of Training the Mind

By Langri Tangpa

In all Actions may I search into my mind, and as soon as an afflictive emotion arises, endangering myself and other, may I firmly face and avert it!

When I see beings of bad nature, pressed by violent sins and suffering, may I cherish them as if I had found a precious treasure, difficult to find!

When others—out of jealousy—treat me badly with abuse, slander, and so on, may I suffer the defeat and offer the victory to others!

When one, whom I have benefited with great hope, unreasonably hurts me very badly, may I view him as my supreme Lama!

In short, may I, directly and indirectly, offer all help and happiness to all without exception, may I respectfully take upon myself all harm and suffering of the mothers!

May all these practices remain undefiled by the stains of conceptions of the eight worldly principles*; may I—by perceiving all phenomena as illusive—be released from the bondage of attachment.

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