Arya Sanghata Sutra


The Ārya Sanghāta Sūtra is a Mahāyāna Buddhist scripture that promises to transform all those who read it.Like other sutras, the Sanghāta records a discourse given by the Buddha, but unlike other sutras, Buddha tells us he himself had heard theSanghāta from a previous buddha.The Sanghāta is a text that talks about itself by name—and talks in great detail about what it will do to anyone who encounters it.It is also an extraordinary literary adventure, full of stories of death, discovery and magical transformations.

It is about many things, but first and foremost, the Sanghāta is about what can happen to its readers.

At, visitors can learn all about this sutra, view stories of how others have been changed by the text, and get tipson reciting the text.

The site includes a global satellite map marking places the text has been recited or copied, and a discussion forum devoted to the Sanghata.

Read full text    english translation :  sanghatasutraenglish

                               french translation  :  sanghatasutra french_translation

                               russian translation  :  sanghatasutrarussian_translation

                              german transaltion  :  sanghatsutragerman_translation

                              tibetan translation   :  sanghatasutratibetan_translation

                              spanish translation  :  sanghatasutraspanish_translation

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