Dispeller of Obstacles: The Heart Practice

The Dispeller of Obstacles is the heart essence of the accomplished master Padmasambhava who perceives the three times in the entirity. It is the quintessence of one billion heart sadhanas of the Guru, the most unique terma buried in the land of Tibet; and it is the first among the Four Cycles of Guru Sadhana. This Guru’s Heart Practice that Dispels all Obstacles contains in completeness all the profound key points of the view, meditation and conduct of the Three Inner Yoga Tantras. It manifested from the secret treasury of the great wisdom, the vast realization of the Second Buddha of Uddiyana, as the self-existing natural vajra sounds in perfect melodious tones.
Its expressions that are unmodified by the intellect of ordinary people, its words that are without delusion, and its meaning that is unmistaken, are exclusively due to the kindness of the three powerful knowledge-holders [Khyentse, Kongtrül, and Chokling], the great beings of the three families, who incarnated as masters to compile and propagate an ocean of secret teachings. It is exclusively through their kindness that this teaching was established in writing as the splendor of unending welfare and happiness for the disciples in the Land of Snow, and propagated to flourish everywhere.
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Before Padmasambhava left Tibet, he made many predictions and hid many teachings to be revealed in the future and he blessed his close disciples to be inseparable from himself. In this way, they would reincarnate in the future, reveal the hidden teachings and be as powerful as Guru Rinpoche himself, endowed with great miraculous powers, such as the ability to fly through the sky, traverse freely through solid matter and be unimpeded in expounding all the sutras and treatises as well as the meaning of the tantras.
In particular, he prophesied the coming of 108 great tertöns or hidden treasure-revealers.’ Since world history fluctuates causing particular difficulties to arise at different times which must be faced by human beings, each tertön would appear at a certain period in history. Having foreknowledge of these historic intervals, Guru Rinpoche designed specific practices which would be revealed at the appropriate times in order to aid human beings. The tertöns who would reveal the termas’ would then have a teaching that was totally fresh and up-to-date, and meant for that specific time and situation.
Just as we prefer to have fresh food prepared in a way that will not make us sick because its rotten, in the same way, the terma teachings revealed with the short lineage’ are endowed with a very special quality. Namely, that it has a short lineage’ which has not been interrupted by any damage or breaking of samaya. It has not been interpolated by anyone else, but has come directly from Guru Rinpoche by means of the revelation of one of his disciples appearing as a present-day incarnation. The teaching is then spread to people for their immediate practice.
The Dispeller of Obstacles belongs to this class of teachings. This is cycle of teachings is based on guru sadhana. Guru Rinpoche practice is extremely important because Guru Rinpoche, the Lotus-born One, is not just a legendary figure from some old story of the past. He is an actual person who continuously carries out spontaneous activities, not only by sending emanations of himself into this world as tertöns’ so that there is always a fresh unimpaired teaching that people can practice.but, also because Guru Rinpoche’s spiritual influence and blessings are unceasing. If we can practice this sadhana, it will be very beneficial.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Dispeller of Obstacles is the most profound terma of the universal monarchs, Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. There are many different sections of this teaching: there is the main part and there are the secondary teachings associated with this cycle.

It is based on the teacher, for us in

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